PClinq2 is a Great Gadget for People with More Than One Computer

While my husband was home from Iraq over the Christmas holidays, we had to do some computer and information swapping. He gave me his much nicer laptop in exchange for the purchase of a cheaper one seeing as how I do quite a bit more computer stuff than he does. But this presented a dilemma. We now have two laptops and two desktops that need quite a bit of the same information on them.

While purchasing the cheaper Hewlett Packard laptop computer from Radio Shack, we explained out situation to the sales representative. We also explained that we didn’t want to go with the costly networking devices because we wanted to choose what went on what computer. The man was very helpful and told us that honestly the networking type stuff was outdated.

He introduced us to a cute little cord called “Pclinq2”. We were both pretty much dumbfounded as how to use this cute little gadget. Within about fifteen to twenty seconds he had explained how the pclinq2 worked. “OK. I thought, here is where he tells us it is two hundred and fifty dollars, or some other crazy amount.” But what the heck, he took the time to explain it to us so I figured I might as well ask about the price. To my utter amazement the pclinq2 was only forty dollars.

I found this to be a little odd to be such a great deal so I made him go over things again just to make sure I understood him correctly. Sure enough it was as simple and as cost effective as he had said that it was. I was more than happy to pay the forty dollars for this little gadget instead of the hours and discs that I had planned on using to copy information from one computer to the next.

Once we arrived home I decided now was a great time to try this thing out. I hooked it up to my desktop, which has all of our family photos and our music, and our important files on it. Then I hooked up the new laptop that my husband would be taking back to Iraq with him.

The system is based on the drag and drop procedure. I started with some simple files just in case I made an error. Which I am proud to say I did not. Then I went on …