Gotta Have Gadget-Bowflex Revolution XP

Gotta Have Gadgets-Bowflex Revolution XP

By this time in the year, 75% of people who committed on New Year’s Eve to get in shape have probably broken their resolutions. I don’t have that luxury as I have my reader to answer too. I want to keep my readers, so I won’t be posting the “before” picture which would show you I have to get in shape. Like Al Bundy, I re-live my high school football days when the guys come over to watch football on Sundays. The problem is, I am starting to look like Al, so I knew it was time to get back into shape. I’m always joking saying, “Heck yeah I have six pack abs, they are just hidden behind the keg on the shelf.”

So as I am sitting watching the NFL playoffs, the commercial with Brett Favre comes on about the Bowflex Revolution XP. Heck if it’s good enough for Brett, it’s good enough for an ex-high school football receiver.

Now the day my Bowflex Revolution XP arrived, I was anxious to put it all together and start to build some muscle. The Bowflex was actually very easy to put together, except of course if you ask your neighbor, the engineer, to help you out. See my neighbor Don wanted to see how the machine worked, and while only half reading the instructions ended up messing up the tension in one of the pulleys. He did eventually figure it out, but it easily added 45 minutes onto our set-up time.

The one thing I couldn’t believe was as we were unpacking the four boxes that were delivered, the Bowflex Revolution XP only takes up a 4×5 space in my basement. I was a little nervous when the trucking company kept calling me saying they have a “sectional” to deliver. My immediate though was, “How big is this thing?” When we were done putting it together, Don and I sat there and couldn’t believe how compact this machine really was, I knew my wife would be happy I didn’t take up half the basement, which is always a bonus.

I have always seemed to struggle with free weights. The Bowflex Revolution XP works on a patented resistance technology called SpiraFlex. See although they look like free weights, the resistance plates interlock and make changing the resistance a snap. This SpiraFlex technology gives you nice smooth movements …