Now on DVD: Inspector Gadget the Original Series

Synopsis: A compilation of the first 22 episodes from the Inspector Gadget cartoon that ran from 1983 to 1986.

What I liked about this DVD: My wife and I both grew up with this show and I wanted the opportunity to share part of our childhood with my daughter. What I didn’t expect was for her to love the series as much as we did.

The great thing about this show is it is a cartoon that I can feel safe letting my daughter watch. The violence is limited (at least compared to some of the cartoons currently on TV) and the situations the bumbling detective gets himself into are both funny and yet somewhat educational at the same time (the episode she saw last night had lessons about safety around trains).

What I didn’t like about this DVD: Like many cartoons from this time period, some of the material is a bit dated. And, if you are watching the cartoons as an adult, the plots will seem a predictable at times. The animation is also going to be a bit weaker than some of the newer cartoons.

Final opinion: If you grew up watching this series and have young kids of your own now, this is a DVD set I recommend buying.

On a scale from one to 10: I would give this a 9.…

Gotta Have Gadget-Bowflex Revolution XP

Gotta Have Gadgets-Bowflex Revolution XP

By this time in the year, 75% of people who committed on New Year’s Eve to get in shape have probably broken their resolutions. I don’t have that luxury as I have my reader to answer too. I want to keep my readers, so I won’t be posting the “before” picture which would show you I have to get in shape. Like Al Bundy, I re-live my high school football days when the guys come over to watch football on Sundays. The problem is, I am starting to look like Al, so I knew it was time to get back into shape. I’m always joking saying, “Heck yeah I have six pack abs, they are just hidden behind the keg on the shelf.”

So as I am sitting watching the NFL playoffs, the commercial with Brett Favre comes on about the Bowflex Revolution XP. Heck if it’s good enough for Brett, it’s good enough for an ex-high school football receiver.

Now the day my Bowflex Revolution XP arrived, I was anxious to put it all together and start to build some muscle. The Bowflex was actually very easy to put together, except of course if you ask your neighbor, the engineer, to help you out. See my neighbor Don wanted to see how the machine worked, and while only half reading the instructions ended up messing up the tension in one of the pulleys. He did eventually figure it out, but it easily added 45 minutes onto our set-up time.

The one thing I couldn’t believe was as we were unpacking the four boxes that were delivered, the Bowflex Revolution XP only takes up a 4×5 space in my basement. I was a little nervous when the trucking company kept calling me saying they have a “sectional” to deliver. My immediate though was, “How big is this thing?” When we were done putting it together, Don and I sat there and couldn’t believe how compact this machine really was, I knew my wife would be happy I didn’t take up half the basement, which is always a bonus.

I have always seemed to struggle with free weights. The Bowflex Revolution XP works on a patented resistance technology called SpiraFlex. See although they look like free weights, the resistance plates interlock and make changing the resistance a snap. This SpiraFlex technology gives you nice smooth movements …

Why the Iphone Stands Out as a Gadget

Hailed as the Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2007, the iPhone has definitely set the mark in revolutionizing the world of technology. Having fused the functions of a cellular phone with those of an iPod and an internet browser into one compact device, the iPhone has indeed succeeded in creating a world in the realm of communications and entertainment technology.

The iPhone was developed by Apple Inc., one of the biggest companies in consumer electronics. It has the basic features of a cellular phone, i.e. calling and sending messages. Aside from this, the iPhone also has a 2 megapixel camera that allows you to take pictures. These files are then stored in the phone’s 8 gigabyte memory space.

What set’s the iPhone from other top-of-the-line cellular phones is that it carries the features of fifth generation iPods. With the iPhone, you can not only listen to music but as well watch video clips and even movies. Now you can enjoy the benefits of an entertainment system and a mobile phone at the same time.

In terms of communications, the iPhone is also equipped with a web browser, which allows you to surf the internet. The iPhone is able to access the internet when connected to a Wi-fi network. You may now surf your favorite sites on your phone, as well as send e-mails and attach MS Word, Excel and PDF files. However, the iPhone does not support Flash so you may not be able to view sites that use Flash Player, such as Youtube. The next generation iPhone is on its way to having 3G, for wider energy coverage and video telephony. The iPhone as well has Bluetooth as another connection option.

It also has a touch screen monitor and a virtual keyboard, as one of the results of Apple’s further research on tablet computers. You may type your messages by touching the phone’s screen.

The iPhone works like other cellular phones, as you need a SIM card to make it work. You would have to get used to its touch screen display and virtual keyboard though, because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard intact. You must as well charge the phone when it runs out of battery, although it can stand from 6 to 250 hours depending on your use.…

PClinq2 is a Great Gadget for People with More Than One Computer

While my husband was home from Iraq over the Christmas holidays, we had to do some computer and information swapping. He gave me his much nicer laptop in exchange for the purchase of a cheaper one seeing as how I do quite a bit more computer stuff than he does. But this presented a dilemma. We now have two laptops and two desktops that need quite a bit of the same information on them.

While purchasing the cheaper Hewlett Packard laptop computer from Radio Shack, we explained out situation to the sales representative. We also explained that we didn’t want to go with the costly networking devices because we wanted to choose what went on what computer. The man was very helpful and told us that honestly the networking type stuff was outdated.

He introduced us to a cute little cord called “Pclinq2”. We were both pretty much dumbfounded as how to use this cute little gadget. Within about fifteen to twenty seconds he had explained how the pclinq2 worked. “OK. I thought, here is where he tells us it is two hundred and fifty dollars, or some other crazy amount.” But what the heck, he took the time to explain it to us so I figured I might as well ask about the price. To my utter amazement the pclinq2 was only forty dollars.

I found this to be a little odd to be such a great deal so I made him go over things again just to make sure I understood him correctly. Sure enough it was as simple and as cost effective as he had said that it was. I was more than happy to pay the forty dollars for this little gadget instead of the hours and discs that I had planned on using to copy information from one computer to the next.

Once we arrived home I decided now was a great time to try this thing out. I hooked it up to my desktop, which has all of our family photos and our music, and our important files on it. Then I hooked up the new laptop that my husband would be taking back to Iraq with him.

The system is based on the drag and drop procedure. I started with some simple files just in case I made an error. Which I am proud to say I did not. Then I went on …

BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Quality Gadget with Dazzling Looks

BlackBerrry Phones is popular for brining high quality mobile phones, but style and fashion have been seen far away from this well known brand. But in this article, we are going to discuss about BlackBerry’s stylish smartphone known as Blackberry 9800 (BlackBerry Torch 9800). Besides great looks, its large list of features and BlackBerry OS 6.0 will boggle your mind.

Eye-popping Design & Display

Make yourself ready to have a stylish smartphone of your dream brand BlackBerry. The design of this smartphone is simply amazing and it is 11.1cm in length, 6.2cm width and 1.46cm in depth. If you want to know about its weight, it is equal to 161 grams. This slider style gadget offers- black, white and dark orange colors so that you can opt out according to your personality. Furthermore, 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen of BlackBerry Torch 9800 is stuffed with multi-touch input method and proximity sensor for auto turn-off. And it is responsible to welcome objects up to 360 x 480 pixels resolution with support of 16 Million colors. In addition to it, users will feel comfortable to have optical trackpad, slide out QWERTY keyboard, Touch Sensitive Trackpad Navigation, Pinch to Zoom Control and Password Protect Keyboard Lock.

Blackberry Torch Features :-

  1. You will get A-GPS supported navigation system as well as BlackBerry maps that will assist you in finding your routes when you will be traveling to unknown places.
    2. BlackBerry Torch 9800 does comprise Document viewer that is worthy to welcome Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
    3. GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA; HSUPA, and WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, UMA (carrier-dependent), HTML browser (Multiple Page Web Browsing with Tabs), Bookmark, and Social feeds services will be available with this fantabulous handset to make you crazy for it.
    4. This USB and Bluetooth supported smartphone is not only good at data transmission but also attracts messaging lovers’ attention due to having SMS, MMS, IM, Email and Push Email options.
    5. BlackBerry Torch 9800 possesses 512 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM as well as 4 GB inbuilt space to cover files. Up to 32GB space can be obtained further because of card slot services and a 4GB attached card can also be utilized.
    6. 5 MP camera has brought LED flash, Continuous Auto Focus, Image Stabiliser, Screen Modes (11 Settings), Geo-tagging and many other

Electric Tankless Water Heater: The Benefits

Most people think a natural gas tankless water heater beats the electric tankless water heater in all categories. While there are several benefits of natural gas models, electric units soar above the pack in many areas. This article explains three reasons why someone should consider an electric tankless water heater over natural gas.

Less Energy Price Fluctuation

Natural gas is a limited natural resource. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Electricity sometimes comes from natural resources like coal, but it also comes from renewable means like wind, solar, and water power. The flexibility of electricity makes the price stay relatively stagnant while natural gas prices consistently climb higher and higher.

Some experts believe the government will eventually apply pressure to utility companies to increase natural gas prices since it is a “single energy source”. This will only cause electric prices to look more desirable as gas prices dramatically rise higher and higher. They believe the government will do this to limit dependence on limited resources.

Energy Efficiency Over Time

Some electric tankless water heaters operate at over 99 percent efficiency. Brand new gas units operate at that level as well, but lose efficiency overtime. The heat exchanger in a gas model experiences scaling which makes it less efficient year after year.

An electric tankless water heater, on the other hand, uses a heating element that is submerged in water. This reduces a loss of efficiency over time and the heat exchanger doesn’t experience scaling. Of course electric heaters experience energy efficiency loss in other ways, but not scaling.

Safer Electric Unit

If installed correctly, both types of tankless units operate safely. Electric units, however, have less dangerous parts to install and less places to make a mistake. Natural gas models require more gas service than regular gas usage. They also have venting to deal with and combustion air. More professional know-how requirements equals a larger installation bill. Simply put, the more work a professional has to do to install your unit, the more time he spends and the more money he charges for his time and effort.

Although most people think electric pales in comparison to natural gas tankless water heaters, they aren’t necessarily right. There are many reasons why someone might want to look into an electric version for safety, efficiency, and energy availability. An electric tankless water heater may be the future of hot water.…

Must Have Gadgets To Ease Your Daily Work At Home

Life is all about completing your daily chores easily and comfortably. If our basic things are not in place, we could not work peacefully. Therefore, we keep on finding things that could make our daily life a little easy. There is no doubt in the fact that technology has done a lot of contributions towards this and keeps on adding. Here is a list of a few modern kitchen appliances and tech gadgets that could make your daily work at a home a bit easier.

Smart pan

The first thing that we would like to mention here is a gadget straight from the kitchen. We are here talking about smart pans. These utensils will prepare the food without any effort. Not just this, but if you are making a dish and if you need to flip it at a particular time, this pan will tell you that also. Having this in your kitchen can make your life so easy.

Nest thermostat

Another gadget that can make your life easy is a thermostat. It can sense the change of season and then can change the temperature for you automatically. You don’t even need to do it, it can do the adjustments on its own. There is no need for struggling with the keypad or dial pad. Not just this, but it can also reduce your electricity bills by up to 15% and heating bills up to 12%. So, you can save a lot of money by putting no effort.

Smart lighting

This is again a very important gadget for your house. It’s a very magical thing. Smart lights look like normal lights only, but they have different features. You can operate them with the help of a remote. If we talk about some other variety of it, then some lights could be operated through your voices too. This particular gadget was made by keeping the idea of convenience and savings in mind. If you are on your bed and want to switch off the lights of your room, you don’t need to go and do that. You can do it from the place where you are sitting. Also, there are a lot of times when we leave the lights on because of our laziness. With this gadget, you can save electricity too.

Smart doors

Safety is a very important thing and we do a lot of things for it. Now, if …

CD Review: Montana 1948 EP Tiny Drawings Anything But Small

In June 2010 indie rock band Montana 1948 will release the 12-track highly anticipated collection, Picket Fences. Until June hits, listeners will have to settle for the four-track EP Tiny Drawings. Proving that indie rock continues to expand and some bands still subscribe to expansive, high pitched electrical guitars and coherent lyrics shaped together like black and white photos; these four tracks elicit the same moment in a dark room when the photo emerges on the white, swimming through the chemicals and water.

San Francisco Based

Unlike its name suggests, Montana 1948, is actually comprised of San Francisco based musicians. Led by frontman Ryan Lafferty, the band includes Charlie Maynard on drums, Dan Prull at lead guitar and Raza Malik at bass. According to its biography, the band took its name from the 1993 Western novel by Larry Watson.

At times this band sounds like it might best be at home in a John Hughe’s movie from the 1980s, and at other times, Cafferty is another Brandon Flowers (The Killers). While Flowers has a bit more range and the quirkiness to match the New Wave sound, Cafferty and Montana 1948 manage to move beyond pretentious lyrics and muffled guitar riffs. Rather, they have punchy riffs (think The Strokes) and Cafferty harmonizes without sounding too show choir.

With only four songs on the EP, it’s hard to choose the outstanding favorite. Each has its own personality, at the same time, hone in on a core sound of sonic movement and slight puck. Cafferty’s voice is perfect in each song and he’s equipt to lead this band. The listener might wish for tighter orchestration, but really, it’s all produced finely.

Power Pop

In track three, “Streetlights,” this power pop song is catchy and the most pop sounding. It repeats, yes, but not to the point of nausea. The final track, “January Jones” has a cheery disposition. Cafferty sings “we tried to do what is right, but who cares, we’re fueling the fight” and this listener took notice of the interesting play on words. Montana 1948 has a knack for taking simple lyrics and making an interesting story without insulting its listeners.

The first track “How to Swim” opens up with a grand riff, immediately transitioning to pounding basswork. Cafferty’s tone emits grit, but with refreshing honesty and emotion. Track two, “Mexico” takes the prize as best song. Something about Cafferty’s …