Free Star Wars Wallpaper and Backgrounds

In 1977 the world was witness to the beginning of what would become part of American culture. The first Star Wars movie was released and over the next 30 years a franchise consisting of 6 films would earn over $4,000,000,000 at the box office. The movies would rack up at the box office but that wasn’t all as many books, comics, games and cartoons would emerge from the series as well. Star Wars has become almost a way of life to some of the more hardcore fans of the culture. People across the world dress up as characters for special showings of the classic movies and the attendance at conventions can be mind boggling. This article is gonna tell you some great places to go in order to find free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds.

The first place that I would recommend you check for free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds is a site called which has some very interesting artistic backgrounds. Most of the images they have here are either artwork or of spacecraft from the movies. It is definitely worth checking out regardless of what you are looking for to place on your desktop. One of the features here is that they give you an option to decide what size you want to fit your screen settings.

Another site that you can search for free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds is and they have several jedi oriented images. The wallpaper and backgrounds here may not be as artistic as the ones mentioned above but they are still unique and worth a look especially if you’re into the jedi side of Star Wars. Here you basically click on each thumbnail to see a larger version which you can right-click to either save or immediately set as your free Star Wars desktop wallpaper or background.

One final place that we are gonna discuss here is called and these desktop images seem to be more based around the individual characters from the franchise. Regardless there are several very interesting free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds on this site. I recommend anyone that is a fan of the series to check this site out because odds are they won’t be disappointed with the content in terms of free backgrounds. The process is basically the same as above with you just having to either save or immediately set each file as your …

Top 5 Sites for Megan Fox Wallpaper

Few women have faces and bodies as beautiful as Megan Fox. She’s been seen on the cover of many magazines including Maxim, Cosmo Girl, Esquire, GQ and Elle, among others. The 23 year old blue eyed, dark haired actress was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and is best known for her role in the Transformer movies. Soon she will be appearing as Jennifer Check in “Jennifer’s Body,” a dark horror comedy written by Diablo Cody of “Juno” fame. Look for the movie on September 18, 2009. The best wallpaper sites offer loads of variety, so much so that’s it hard to choose what to go with. If you are a lover of Megan Fox, you’ll love these top 5 sites for Megan Fox wallpaper.

This is the site to go to when you are interested in wallpaper that focuses on movie scenes. Here you can find Megan Fox wallpaper from the movies “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Megan Fox Wallpaper

You know you’re a star when you get your own wallpaper site. Megan Fox Wallpaper includes many sexy scenes of Megan Fox, including scenes from her new movie “Jennifer’s Body.” You’ll find pages and pages of wallpapers at this useful site.

Megan Fox Buzz

You can tell that Megan Fox Buzz is going to be a fun site when you are greeted with a well designed Megan Fox website header/banner. This is more than just a wallpaper site. This is a Megan Fox tribute with everything you could possibly want to know about Megan Fox. By far one of the best sites when it comes to celebrity wallpaper, some of the wallpapers are custom made, while others are from images in magazines.

Some of the most exciting Megan Fox wallpaper can be found at You’ll find more than just solo pics of Megan. Each design is a montage of several sexy Megan Fox poses. It will be hard to decide which wallpaper to go with. So, why not choose one for now and then another one for later.

Wallpaper Pimper

You can’t go wrong with Wallpaper Pimper when you are looking for Megan Fox wallpaper. If you love close ups of the star, you’ve got them. If you desire full body shots, you’ve got them too. This is the site to go to when you’re looking for lots of …

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Vintage Wallpaper

With the recent American craze of everything vintage, wallpaper has surely taken the lead. What once was an interior designer’s worse nightmare (aside from wall paneling) is now a decorating staple. Now, before you jump on to the vintage wallpaper wagon, make sure to read my top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of using vintage wallpaper in your home.

Don’t go too trendy. Always use this as a rule of thumb when decorating; what is in style this year will most likely be way out of style two years from now. You don’t want to pour tons of money and labor into applying wallpaper that you are dying for just because you saw it on Paris Hilton’s bathroom in an episode of MTV Cribs. Unlike Paris, you probably don’t have the money to change your wallpaper every year. But then again, it should just be common sense to stay far, far away from anything that Paris Hilton is doing.

DO go for a design that you love. Have you been absolutely obsessed with cupcakes since you were five years old and now you’re 30? Then slap a roll of cupcake wallpaper on your wall! However, I strongly advise you to consult your husband about this before rolling out the cupcake wallpaper… he may not think that a large display of cupcakes on the wall is such a brilliant idea. But if you get the okay from him, go for it! To be completely honest, as long as you let them watch sports, most men don’t even notice if their walls are pink blue or polka dotted.

Don’t choose a pattern that is too small. No matter how cute the pattern may look on the wallpaper when it is rolled up, the pattern will always look different on your wall. A pattern that is too small and busy will make even the largest of rooms look cluttered.

Do choose vintage wallpaper that goes with the rest of your décor. Just because you are getting new wallpaper, doesn’t mean that your entire room needs an overhaul. Your wallpaper should accent and enhance the décor scheme that is already set in your room, not completely alter it.

Don’t mindlessly apply wallpaper to every single wall in the room. If you have got a small room, applying wallpaper to all four walls will make the space look cramped and smaller than it actually is. Its okay to …

Christian Wallpaper for Cell Phones

I have found a few sites that offer Christian Wallpaper for Cell Phones. I’m sure if you dig deep you can find more sites out there. In this guide I am going to show you where you can find some of these sites. Some of the sites that I am going to list have free wallpaper but some do not. Here goes the list of websites that I have put together.

Faith Mobile

Faith Mobile is a nice organized site. The wallpapers are placed in categories which makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Faith Mobile does charge for their wallpapers. Each wallpaper is $1.99. When you visit Faith Mobile, you will see the categories on the left side of the page. Click on a category to begin browsing their site. Some of the categories are Praise, Worship, Crosses, and Chruches.

Free Mobile Fun

This is a great site. They have three pages of Christian wallpaper to choose from. They have a wide variety of wallpapers. These wallpapers are free. The cool thing about this site is you can choose the size of wallpaper that you want. Not many sites allow that. Usually it is one set size. But you can select what size you want sent to your phone. Free Mobile Fun provides the different urls that you will need to download the different sizes. If you have problems downloading these wallpapers, you will see their help file at the bottom of the page.


Thumbplay is another great site to download Christian wallpaper for cell phones. They have about 20 different Christian wallpapers available. You do have to pay for these wallpapers. There are three steps to getting these wallpapers. First, you have to enter your cell number, then you enter your checkout information, and last you confirm your order. Then your wallpaper will be sent to your phone.

Cellphone Wallpapers

The last one is Cellphone Wallpapers. This site only has a few wallpapers but they have some nice ones. There are only nine wallpapers on this site but it is definitely worth checking out. I thought these wallpapers were free but after trying to get one of them, I realized that it wasn’t. I didn’t finish the process of getting the wallpaper because you have to register and I got side tracked. You have to set up an account to get these …

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Wallpaper

Have you seen the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs? Do you love the movie? Do you want to make the movie part of your computer with wallpaper? Having a hard time finding the wallpaper? Please, do not worry. I am making the hunt for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs computer desktop wallpaper simple by doing all of the work for you. I have searched the web for the best Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs wallpaper…