Electric Tankless Water Heater: The Benefits


Most people think a natural gas tankless water heater beats the electric tankless water heater in all categories. While there are several benefits of natural gas models, electric units soar above the pack in many areas. This article explains three reasons why someone should consider an electric tankless water heater over natural gas.

Less Energy Price Fluctuation

Natural gas is a limited natural resource. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Electricity sometimes comes from natural resources like coal, but it also comes from renewable means like wind, solar, and water power. The flexibility of electricity makes the price stay relatively stagnant while natural gas prices consistently climb higher and higher.

Some experts believe the government will eventually apply pressure to utility companies to increase natural gas prices since it is a “single energy source”. This will only cause electric prices to look more desirable as gas prices dramatically rise higher and higher. They believe the government will do this to limit dependence on limited resources.

Energy Efficiency Over Time

Some electric tankless water heaters operate at over 99 percent efficiency. Brand new gas units operate at that level as well, but lose efficiency overtime. The heat exchanger in a gas model experiences scaling which makes it less efficient year after year.

An electric tankless water heater, on the other hand, uses a heating element that is submerged in water. This reduces a loss of efficiency over time and the heat exchanger doesn’t experience scaling. Of course electric heaters experience energy efficiency loss in other ways, but not scaling.

Safer Electric Unit

If installed correctly, both types of tankless units operate safely. Electric units, however, have less dangerous parts to install and less places to make a mistake. Natural gas models require more gas service than regular gas usage. They also have venting to deal with and combustion air. More professional know-how requirements equals a larger installation bill. Simply put, the more work a professional has to do to install your unit, the more time he spends and the more money he charges for his time and effort.

Although most people think electric pales in comparison to natural gas tankless water heaters, they aren’t necessarily right. There are many reasons why someone might want to look into an electric version for safety, efficiency, and energy availability. An electric tankless water heater may be the future of hot water.