How to Create 3D Weave Wallpaper in Paint Shop Pro Photo


There is a pattern that can be applied to backgrounds to give you a 3D Weave effect. The effect is really cool and will create a beautiful and unique wallpaper for your desktop. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a 3D Weave wallpaper for your desktop using Paint Shop Pro Photo. To begin, you will need to find out the size of your desktop and load your program. You can find out the size of your desktop by right clicking on your desktop and clicking Properties in the menu. Then click the Settings tab and see what the resolution is set at. That is the size document you will need to create.

Creating Your New Document to Work On in Paint Shop Pro Photo

Go to the top of your Paint Shop Pro Photo program and click File > New. When the box opens, enter the measurements for your document. These are the measurements you seen on your settings tab. Then click the Rastor option and click the OK button.

Changing the Color of Your Document

Next, we will apply a color to the document. Grab your paint bucket tool from your toolbar. Then go to the right side of your program and select the color you want to apply to the background of the document. Whatever color you choose is the color the weave design will be. So click to choose your color and then click your document to apply the color.

Applying Your Weave Design to Your Document

Now, you are ready to apply your weave design. Go to the top of your program and click the Effects button. When the menu expands, click Texture Effects > Weave. A box will open and you can change the settings if you want too. You can change the size of the weave, the width of the weave, the opacity, and the drop colors. Once you have your weave wallpaper the way you want it, click the OK button. You will now see the new wallpaper.

You can adjust the settings if you need to. The settings can be adjusted by clicking Effects > Texture Effects > Weave. That will open the settings box and from there, you can make changes. When you are creating your weave wallpaper, you can see the changes you are making in the properties box. There are two boxes at the top of the properties box. In the box on the left is the original document and the box on the right is the one you are making changes too. Once you are finished with your weave wallpaper, you can export it and make it as your wallpaper.