How to Create Bubble Wallpaper in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2


With the Paint Shop Pro Photo program, you can create many different types of wallpaper. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create bubble wallpaper. With the bubble wallpaper, you can choose how many bubbles you want and what color you want the bubbles to be. To use this as a wallpaper, you will need to know what your desktop settings are. You can find out the settings by right clicking on your desktop and select Properties > Settings.

Open your program and create a new document to work on. Create the document the size of your desktop. The document will seem really large, but the program will automatically zoom it out for you to see what you are doing. Make sure the Rastor option is selected in your New Document box before clicking OK.

With your new document created and ready to go, click the paint bucket tool. The paint bucket tool is located between the main work area and the home panel on the left. After you have selected the paint bucket, select your color in the top right corner of your program. The color box is in the Materials panel. That is the first panel on the right. The color you select will be the color of the bubbles and background of the wallpaper. Click a color and then click the document you created. The document will then change to the color you chose.

Now you are ready to apply the bubble effect to your wallpaper. When you first apply the effect, you will only see one bubble, but we will change that. Go to the top of your window and click the Effects button. When the menu drops down place your mouse over Artistic Effects and when the menu expands, click Balls and Bubbles. Now the settings window will open.

In the settings window, you will see two previews. The preview on the left is the original document and the preview on the right will show the changes you are making, while you are making them. So, let’s take a look at the settings and change them to create more bubbles.

Make sure that the Shape tab is ticked. Next, tick the Automatic Multiple Balls and Bubbles option. The next option will be the Coverage option. This option will determine how much of the background will be covered with bubbles. If you want the entire background to be covered, put this setting at 100. If you do not want the entire background to be covered, slide the bar down to where you want it.

Average Size if the next option. This determines the average size of the bubbles. You can adjust this if you want too by sliding the bar. You can see the difference in the preview window on the right.

The next option is the Size Variation. This field will determine how many different sizes you will have on your wallpaper. You can adjust this bar to what you want. The last option let’s you choose whether to overlap the bubbles, intersect the bubbles, or not let the bubbles touch. Drop this box down and select the option of your choice. Once you are finished with the settings, click the OK button.

Your wallpaper is now created. If you need to make changes to your bubble wallpaper, go to the top of your program and click Effects > Artistic Effects > Balls and Bubbles. The properties window will open and from there you can make your changes. The only thing left is to export it. Then set it as your wallpaper.