Sherwin Williams Wallpaper for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Sherwin Williams now offers a full line of wallpaper and wallpaper boarders that coordinate with their many paint colors so that you can create a beautiful bedroom with ease. If your little girl is due for a bedroom update or change, then Sherwin Williams is the place to check out for some of the most precious and trendy wallpaper styles that are on the market today. Here is a list of some of the best Sherwin Williams wallpaper styles and boarders for a little girl’s bedroom. This list will take the guess work out of shopping through the more than 100,000 different wallpaper styles that are available from Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams Wallpaper for a Little Girl’s Bedroom: SW2UR816 is a nice purple angel wallpaper that is perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. This is a lavender purple wallpaper that is called Girl Power and it is from the Easychange series of Sherwin Williams wallpaper. The background is a cute light purple and the wallpaper has little angels that almost look like they were drawn by a child floating all around. Pinks, yellows, blues and of course purples all coordinate well with this Sherwin Williams wallpaper for a little girl’s bedroom making it simple to incorporate into the room.

Sherwin Williams Wallpaper for a Little Girl’s Bedroom: I Love My Space is another great wallpaper style from Sherwin Williams that is just perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. This wallpaper is number SW7BF07712 and it kind of looks like a doodlebug scrapbook paper that was once popular. This little girl’s bedroom wallpaper color pattern includes bright fuchsias, lime greens and orange tones throughout and is just a whole bunch of flowers all over the place. I Love My Space from Sherwin Williams is a great retro type of wallpaper that is perfect for a tween girl or a little girl that just loves flowers and bright colors!

Sherwin Williams Wallpaper for a Little Girl’s Bedroom: Little girl’s love fairies and they are really perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. Sherwin Williams wallpaper style number SW-15844176 is called Can You Imagine II and it is a really nice dainty little girl’s bedroom wallpaper. This Sherwin Williams wallpaper has a white background and features small fairies that are flying throughout the entire scene. This realistic little fairies on this Sherwin Williams wallpaper are a light blue, very light lavender, and light pink tones making …

How to Create Bubble Wallpaper in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

With the Paint Shop Pro Photo program, you can create many different types of wallpaper. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create bubble wallpaper. With the bubble wallpaper, you can choose how many bubbles you want and what color you want the bubbles to be. To use this as a wallpaper, you will need to know what your desktop settings are. You can find out the settings by right clicking on your desktop and select Properties Settings.

Open your program and create a new document to work on. Create the document the size of your desktop. The document will seem really large, but the program will automatically zoom it out for you to see what you are doing. Make sure the Rastor option is selected in your New Document box before clicking OK.

With your new document created and ready to go, click the paint bucket tool. The paint bucket tool is located between the main work area and the home panel on the left. After you have selected the paint bucket, select your color in the top right corner of your program. The color box is in the Materials panel. That is the first panel on the right. The color you select will be the color of the bubbles and background of the wallpaper. Click a color and then click the document you created. The document will then change to the color you chose.

Now you are ready to apply the bubble effect to your wallpaper. When you first apply the effect, you will only see one bubble, but we will change that. Go to the top of your window and click the Effects button. When the menu drops down place your mouse over Artistic Effects and when the menu expands, click Balls and Bubbles. Now the settings window will open.

In the settings window, you will see two previews. The preview on the left is the original document and the preview on the right will show the changes you are making, while you are making them. So, let’s take a look at the settings and change them to create more bubbles.

Make sure that the Shape tab is ticked. Next, tick the Automatic Multiple Balls and Bubbles option. The next option will be the Coverage option. This option will determine how much of the background will be covered with bubbles. If you want the entire …

How to Create 3D Weave Wallpaper in Paint Shop Pro Photo

There is a pattern that can be applied to backgrounds to give you a 3D Weave effect. The effect is really cool and will create a beautiful and unique wallpaper for your desktop. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a 3D Weave wallpaper for your desktop using Paint Shop Pro Photo. To begin, you will need to find out the size of your desktop and load your program. You can find out the size of your desktop by right clicking on your desktop and clicking Properties in the menu. Then click the Settings tab and see what the resolution is set at. That is the size document you will need to create.

Creating Your New Document to Work On in Paint Shop Pro Photo

Go to the top of your Paint Shop Pro Photo program and click File > New. When the box opens, enter the measurements for your document. These are the measurements you seen on your settings tab. Then click the Rastor option and click the OK button.

Changing the Color of Your Document

Next, we will apply a color to the document. Grab your paint bucket tool from your toolbar. Then go to the right side of your program and select the color you want to apply to the background of the document. Whatever color you choose is the color the weave design will be. So click to choose your color and then click your document to apply the color.

Applying Your Weave Design to Your Document

Now, you are ready to apply your weave design. Go to the top of your program and click the Effects button. When the menu expands, click Texture Effects > Weave. A box will open and you can change the settings if you want too. You can change the size of the weave, the width of the weave, the opacity, and the drop colors. Once you have your weave wallpaper the way you want it, click the OK button. You will now see the new wallpaper.

You can adjust the settings if you need to. The settings can be adjusted by clicking Effects > Texture Effects > Weave. That will open the settings box and from there, you can make changes. When you are creating your weave wallpaper, you can see the changes you are making in the properties box. There are two boxes at the top …

Free Star Wars Wallpaper and Backgrounds

In 1977 the world was witness to the beginning of what would become part of American culture. The first Star Wars movie was released and over the next 30 years a franchise consisting of 6 films would earn over $4,000,000,000 at the box office. The movies would rack up at the box office but that wasn’t all as many books, comics, games and cartoons would emerge from the series as well. Star Wars has become almost a way of life to some of the more hardcore fans of the culture. People across the world dress up as characters for special showings of the classic movies and the attendance at conventions can be mind boggling. This article is gonna tell you some great places to go in order to find free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds.

The first place that I would recommend you check for free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds is a site called which has some very interesting artistic backgrounds. Most of the images they have here are either artwork or of spacecraft from the movies. It is definitely worth checking out regardless of what you are looking for to place on your desktop. One of the features here is that they give you an option to decide what size you want to fit your screen settings.

Another site that you can search for free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds is and they have several jedi oriented images. The wallpaper and backgrounds here may not be as artistic as the ones mentioned above but they are still unique and worth a look especially if you’re into the jedi side of Star Wars. Here you basically click on each thumbnail to see a larger version which you can right-click to either save or immediately set as your free Star Wars desktop wallpaper or background.

One final place that we are gonna discuss here is called and these desktop images seem to be more based around the individual characters from the franchise. Regardless there are several very interesting free Star Wars wallpaper and backgrounds on this site. I recommend anyone that is a fan of the series to check this site out because odds are they won’t be disappointed with the content in terms of free backgrounds. The process is basically the same as above with you just having to either save or immediately set each file as your …

Top 5 Sites for Megan Fox Wallpaper

Few women have faces and bodies as beautiful as Megan Fox. She’s been seen on the cover of many magazines including Maxim, Cosmo Girl, Esquire, GQ and Elle, among others. The 23 year old blue eyed, dark haired actress was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and is best known for her role in the Transformer movies. Soon she will be appearing as Jennifer Check in “Jennifer’s Body,” a dark horror comedy written by Diablo Cody of “Juno” fame. Look for the movie on September 18, 2009. The best wallpaper sites offer loads of variety, so much so that’s it hard to choose what to go with. If you are a lover of Megan Fox, you’ll love these top 5 sites for Megan Fox wallpaper.

This is the site to go to when you are interested in wallpaper that focuses on movie scenes. Here you can find Megan Fox wallpaper from the movies “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Megan Fox Wallpaper

You know you’re a star when you get your own wallpaper site. Megan Fox Wallpaper includes many sexy scenes of Megan Fox, including scenes from her new movie “Jennifer’s Body.” You’ll find pages and pages of wallpapers at this useful site.

Megan Fox Buzz

You can tell that Megan Fox Buzz is going to be a fun site when you are greeted with a well designed Megan Fox website header/banner. This is more than just a wallpaper site. This is a Megan Fox tribute with everything you could possibly want to know about Megan Fox. By far one of the best sites when it comes to celebrity wallpaper, some of the wallpapers are custom made, while others are from images in magazines.

Some of the most exciting Megan Fox wallpaper can be found at You’ll find more than just solo pics of Megan. Each design is a montage of several sexy Megan Fox poses. It will be hard to decide which wallpaper to go with. So, why not choose one for now and then another one for later.

Wallpaper Pimper

You can’t go wrong with Wallpaper Pimper when you are looking for Megan Fox wallpaper. If you love close ups of the star, you’ve got them. If you desire full body shots, you’ve got them too. This is the site to go to when you’re looking for lots of …