Time Travel Wallpaper


Going back to a time, when nothing seemed possible

While nothing was impossible.

Could not dream or see past the things I could see,

Soul not open yet to my endless potential.

Learning to maximize the dreams within,

Listening to the loud, silent guides which

Dictate my footsteps.

Keeping me safe

Scaring me in the same instance,

Soul built on faith

Spirit led by inner light

That shines constantly,

Even in despair.

Going back to a time,

Becoming what I didn’t see, I could be

Loving, simply being me.

Existence of love,

Matter consistent with adoration

Of the most supreme being

That exists eternally

Lighting the external, internally.

Breaking through walls,

Of stubborn depression

To my breakthrough,

Embracing the time

That built my grittiness,

That showed me flowers can bloom

In the harshest conditions

True dreams’ beauty,

Is just as insistent

On becoming real

Going back to a time,

To release and heal.