Why the Iphone Stands Out as a Gadget


Hailed as the Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2007, the iPhone has definitely set the mark in revolutionizing the world of technology. Having fused the functions of a cellular phone with those of an iPod and an internet browser into one compact device, the iPhone has indeed succeeded in creating a world in the realm of communications and entertainment technology.

The iPhone was developed by Apple Inc., one of the biggest companies in consumer electronics. It has the basic features of a cellular phone, i.e. calling and sending messages. Aside from this, the iPhone also has a 2 megapixel camera that allows you to take pictures. These files are then stored in the phone’s 8 gigabyte memory space.

What set’s the iPhone from other top-of-the-line cellular phones is that it carries the features of fifth generation iPods. With the iPhone, you can not only listen to music but as well watch video clips and even movies. Now you can enjoy the benefits of an entertainment system and a mobile phone at the same time.

In terms of communications, the iPhone is also equipped with a web browser, which allows you to surf the internet. The iPhone is able to access the internet when connected to a Wi-fi network. You may now surf your favorite sites on your phone, as well as send e-mails and attach MS Word, Excel and PDF files. However, the iPhone does not support Flash so you may not be able to view sites that use Flash Player, such as Youtube. The next generation iPhone is on its way to having 3G, for wider energy coverage and video telephony. The iPhone as well has Bluetooth as another connection option.

It also has a touch screen monitor and a virtual keyboard, as one of the results of Apple’s further research on tablet computers. You may type your messages by touching the phone’s screen.

The iPhone works like other cellular phones, as you need a SIM card to make it work. You would have to get used to its touch screen display and virtual keyboard though, because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard intact. You must as well charge the phone when it runs out of battery, although it can stand from 6 to 250 hours depending on your use.